Welcome to Osaka’s hot-spring ryokan (traditional inn)Nanten-en

This ryokan(traditional inn) is located 40 minutes by train from Osaka, a city known for sightseeing and shopping, and about 70 minutes from Kansai International Airport.
Overlooking its huge Japanese garden, the building, with its traditional Japanese architecture, is nationally listed as a tangible cultural property. At Nanten-en, you can also enjoy carefully selected seasonal Japanese cuisine,with natural radium hot springs and other amenities. Treat yourself to the very best in “ryokan culture.”

Nanten-en Information Guide


Nanten-en has an accommodation planned as pertraditional Japanese architecture designed by KingoTatsuno, the architect of Tokyo Station

The building is a rare surviving example of Japanese architecturedesigned by Kingo Tatsuno, major pioneer in Western architecture in Japan, a student of the British architect Josiah Conder and a designer of many famous buildings including Tokyo Station. This building nationally listed as a tangible cultural property is aheritage of traditional Japanese architectural design.



Experience the wonder of Japan’s natural beauty in our huge garden

Wrapped in an air of tranquility, the Japanese garden expresses the beauty of the passing seasons.Wearing a light, colorful yukata robe, you can take a leisurely stroll to relax and savor the natural beauty around you. Take a deep breath and experience a feeling of oneness with the greenery and with its scenery revel in the view of the mountains that lie beyond. Enjoythe garden’svarying colors as morning stretches into afternoon and then as twilight approaches.



A natural radium hot spring is gentle on you and your body

A radium hot spring aims to refresh the metabolism and boost your immune system and natural healing powers. Relax in the hot waters until you experience gentle sweating.



Enjoy the best of Japanese cuisine while relaxing in your room

The essence of Japanese cuisinelies inenjoying the tastes of the seasons.
Relax in your room and enjoy the finest “Washoku” cuisine with sashimi and tempura and a host of other delicious tastes.



For added luxury, the “Seiryuu-tei annex,” with its open-air hot spring caters to only one group of guests per day

From your room overlooking the clear-flowing Amami-gawa River, enjoythis ryokan’s outdoor hot spring.
While being surrounded by nature, you can relax and enjoy in the waters of this natural hot spring.



We cater to vegetarian and halal diners

We would be pleased to arrange meatless meals for our vegetarian guests and meals without pork or alcohol for our Muslim guests.Please feel free to share your preferences.



Rest yourself on a futon laid out on the tatami matting in Japanese style

In your traditional Japanese room overlooking the garden, change into a relaxing yukata robe and rest in the futon bedding.



We offer a free loan of colorful yukata robe for our femaleguests

Colorful yukata robes are available for free use for guests who make a reservation through our homepage. Relish clicking your photographwhile wearing the yukata of your choice.


Nanten-en Sightseeing Guide

Shopping Areas in Osaka

Dotonboriand Shinsaibashi
in Namba

40 minutes by train

You can enjoy shopping and Osaka gourmet foods,
including takoyakiand okonomiyaki, in these areas.

Shopping Areas in Osaka

Umeda in Osaka

60 minutes by train

There are three department stores and specialty stores near the station, and the popular Umeda Sky Building is also located in this area.


Osaka Castle

60 minutes by train

Osaka Castle is one of the famous castles that represent Japan. It is a popular tourism spot and a historic building from the samurai era.


Universal Studios Japan

80 minutes by train

This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Osaka.

Shopping Areas in Osaka

Kansai International Airport is approximately 70 minutes away.

From the airport, take the limousine bus for Kawachi Nagano. Then from Kawachi Nagano Station, take the Nankai Railway to Amami Station. We’re a one-minute walk from the station.

Shopping Areas in Osaka

Mount Koyasan

60 minutes by train

This sacred site was founded by Kobo-Daishi Kukai about 1,200 years ago and has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.