Hot spring (ONSEN)

Enjoy our natural radiumhot spring

The radon hot spring is classed as a “radioactive source” among hot springs, and it works torefresh your metabolism and boost your immune system and your natural healing powers.Relax in the hot waters until you experience gentle sweating.

Water quality: Natural radium spring
It assists in healingnerve pain, muscular pain, joint pains, chronic digestive pains, hardeningofthe arteries, and high blood pressure among others.


  • ■ Shampoo, rinse, body soap
  • ■ Hairdryer
  • ■ Face lotion, milky lotion
  • ■ Men’s hairdressing products, aftershave lotion

After your bath

The best place to meet up following your bath is the lobby with its sofas or the Irori Room with the sunken fireplace.
Take your time and relax.