Guest room

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ...

The guest rooms overlook our
huge Japanese garden (2.44 acres)
with its natural patterns
that vary according tothe passing seasons.

There are 7 Japanese-style guest rooms beside the garden.
Relax in your room and luxuriate in the natural splendor of the scenery.

All rooms are equipped with awashlet toilet and sink

Staying at a historic ryokan (traditional inn) designed in Japanese style by the architect KingoTatsuno

This building is a rare surviving example of Japanese architecturedesigned by KingoTatsuno, a student of the British architect Josiah Conder. The rooms retain their original design with the warm feel of the woodwork complementing the elegant simplicity which the Japanese love so much, termed “wabi-sabi.”


Toilets and sinks are not included
in the rooms of this building

Staying at the special “Seiryuu-tei”open-air hot spring annex

Here, you can enjoy the clear stream of the AmamigawaRiver in accommodations with a free-flowing natural outdoor radiumhot spring,
This private accommodation houses between two and six guests.
※The annex is non-smoking.

Includes an open-air hot spring,
indoor hot spring, a washlet toilet and sink

Enjoy the Japanese seasons through the arrangementof flowers and wild grasses crafted by our staff♪

The flower arrangements are there to help you enjoy the passing seasons, and they are organized by one of our staff who is also a flower arranging teacher. The arrangement displaysthe feeling of deep hospitality that we feel toward our guests; further, it is an expression of the big hearts of the Japanese people who welcome you.