Experience the wonder of Japan’s
natural beauty in our huge garden

Wrapped in an air of tranquility,
the Japanese garden expresses the beauty of the passing seasons.Wearing a light, colorful yukata robe,
you can take a leisurely stroll to relax and savor the natural beauty around you.
Take a deep breath and experience a feeling of oneness with the greenery and
with its scenery revel in the view of the mountains that lie beyond.
Enjoythe garden’svarying colors as morning stretches into afternoon and then as twilight approaches.

The lobby lounge is where we meet and greet our guests

Lobby lounge

Feel free to order drinks like tea and coffee in the lobby lounge.

The Irori Room with its sunken fireplace is the ideal spot to gather round the fireside and chat♪


Travelers love to gather round this old-style, traditional Japanese fireplace.

We offer a free loan of colorful yukata robe for our femaleguests

Colorful yukata robes

Colorful yukata robes are available for free use for guests who make a reservation through our homepage. Relish clicking your photographwhile wearing the yukata of your choice.

Enjoy your Japanese breakfast in the Shunju (Spring and Autumn) banqueting hall♪

Shunju (Spring and Autumn) banqueting hall

The Shunju (Spring and Autumn) banqueting hall is the place whereyou canenjoy breakfast.

The Garden Pool, surrounded by nature


The Garden Pool is open in the summer season (July 20 to August31). It’s a place to relax and enjoy chirpingof the birds.

An ancient Japanese tradition 

Syugen(A civil wedding ceremony)

Many couples get married here at Nanten-en, regardless of their religion or nationality. This kind of wedding ceremony is a unique and special tradition,partof ancient Japanese tradition.